Keep Your Fireplace and Chimney Unobstructed Using Chimney Caps in Bergen County NJ

In spite of all the advancements in modern heating equipment there are still homes which have an old fashioned fireplace installed. There are many reasons for this although heating the home is seldom one of them. In fact, the most common reason for people wanting a fireplace in the home is romance. Laying on the floor or couch in front of a roaring fire can add a bit of depth to your relationship, even when the two of you rarely talk and simply lounge around and enjoy each others company. Unfortunately, owning a fireplace also means caring for the chimney.

The chimney is the primary means for the fireplace’s exhaust gases to escape the home. Without it you could quickly succumb to toxic exhaust gas such as carbon monoxide which could kill you. Definitely not a good way to enjoy your beautiful fireplace. Because most chimneys, even those that vent furnace systems, run to the roof they need something to prevent rain or debris from entering the system. This is the function of Chimney Caps in Bergen County NJ.

The chimney cap is typically a metal covering which is designed to allow the gas to freely escape while blocking things like rain, rodents and even birds from entering the flue. By using Chimney Caps in Bergen County NJ you prevent the chimney from becoming blocked and make the home look better in the process. Your chimney cap can be a plain topper that simply serves the purpose or it can be an ornate piece that helps your home make a statement.

In most cases the chimney cap is a metal construct although it can also be made from brick. The cap can be an add on item or it can be part of the chimney design. A really great bricklayer can create your chimney cap so it looks like a part of the architecture or make the cap almost invisible so all you see is the chimney itself. With modern, small chimneys it is best to have a removable chimney cap in case the fireplace requires cleaning. This gives the chimney sweep better access to the flue. Learn more about chimney caps at All American Chimney and Duct Cleaning Inc.

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