Items to Consider for Hardscaping Materials in Suffolk County

by | Jun 4, 2015 | Landscaping

Landscaping a yard requires mixing structural support with the beauty of the plants. These structural elements are known as hardscape. While choosing the right plants are important, building a strong foundation for that garden is also a part of the landscaping plan. These following items will help you determine where you need to use hardscape in your plans.

One of the items that need to be considered with Hardscaping in Suffolk County is if you need retaining walls. Retaining walls are useful on hills and on raised areas such as planter beds where the soil needs to be contained within a certain area. The hard elements such as stone and brick are used for support against the effects of gravity. The type of stone or brick should be chosen based on the overall aesthetics of your yard.

Another item that requires a hardscape element is fire pits. The stone contains the fire and serves as a barrier for those around the fire. The stone circles should be built high enough to allow for the enjoyment of the area and a safety of the area. Large stones are an ideal material for this project. However, some stones may have to be cut in order to fit all of the stones in a circle and to ensure that the stones are in a proper alignment for the fire pit. Visit website for more details.

Additional seating areas also utilize Hardscaping in Suffolk County. These can be built separately or as part of the retaining walls. Additional seating should not be placed on fire pits for safety reasons. Large flat stones are ideal for this purpose. Stone seating can be mixed in to increase the utility of the space. Stone benches will last longer than wood in areas where a lot of moisture is normally present. The stone can be softened with the use of cushions.

These are some of the items where hardscape is required for structure and support. These items are installed first to establish the building blocks for the rest of the yard. For more information on where you might need to utilize hardscaping materials, contact AC Landscaping Suffolk County.

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