Items that Attract Pests to the Crawl Space Insulation in Tacoma

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Foam Insulation

Crawl spaces are designed to provide access to piping and electrical lines when the home doesn’t have a proper basement. But because these areas are essentially blank voids, they are an area in which pests have free access. There are several different things that attract them to a space.

Water leakage is a major attraction for pests. The crawl space insulation in Tacoma can absorb the water that is leaking from pipes or is retained in the soil. Since water is one of the major things that insects hunt for in the search for adequate lodgings, they can see this is as a potential spot for a home. Often, such leakage remains unnoticed since it is not a place that is easy to inspect. Because the leakage is typically very small, it might not add a noticeable amount to the water bill.

Pests are also search for easy access points where they can hide from occupants in the home. Any holes in the crawl space allow for this ease of entry. Usually, these are items not sealed by the insulation and include the vents as well as the access panel. These areas need to be sealed and treated to discourage pests from using the crawl space as their new home. Even seemingly tiny holes can allow access to the crawl space.

Another item of attraction in the crawl space insulation in Tacoma. Pests can utilize this readily available material for building nests. Once they get into the insulation, they will destroy it with their waste. This can destroy the energy barrier of the home. In addition, this destruction can expose electrical wiring. Many pests will chew on this protective coating and can expose the wires. Exposed wires places the entire home at risk for a fire.

Pests are always on the move looking for places that are relatively safe to nest in. Water, easy access and potential nesting material are highly attractive to them. Once they get into the space, they are not easily dislodged. Proper pest control measures can be taken to ensure that the pests move on when they evaluate the crawl space. Discouraging them right at the beginning will stop an invasion before it turns into a huge problem.

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