Is a Cosmetic Dentist in Mannassas Right for You?

Aesthetic dentistry, also known as cosmetic dentistry, is a branch of dentistry that focuses on solving oral problems while getting cosmetic results. Since a good image helps to improve self-esteem, these interventions contribute to a person’s physical and emotional well-being. Usually these treatments are quite fast, effective and painless. Similarly, side effects are virtually nonexistent if you are seeing a reputable cosmetic dentist in Manassas.

When should you seek treatment?

There are cases where the patient has suffered damage causing tooth fractures, something of which can prevent proper chewing. On the other hand, some bad eating habits or the effect of tobacco can wear away the tooth, affecting its coloration. This problem causes cavities and weakening of the gum. There are also malformations like excessive clearance between the front teeth or problems of symmetry, which means a person has unusually longer or shorter teeth. In short, any mouth problems leading to an aesthetic complex is likely to require cosmetic dentistry treatment.

To what age is this more common and why would cosmetic dentistry be done?

Generally there is no specific age at which intervention is indispensable since birth defects and accidents can occur at any age. However, after 40 years of age it is more likely that the gum will weaken and cause teeth to suffer damage. In these cases, cosmetic dentistry consists of teeth whitening, correcting asymmetries and fracture repair. After a certain age, replacing teeth with a prosthesis is also common.

What specialists perform the treatment?

Initially, this sense of dentistry was seen more as a vanity than a necessity. But today the vast majority of dentists offer cosmetic treatments own through remarkable technological development. And not only that, the specialists perform detailed diagnoses and give specific plans for each patient. In the United States, a dental implant ranges between $1,500 and $3,000 while a denture is between $600 and $2,500. Dental crowns are from $500 to $1,000 and teeth whitening is around $300.

Keep in mind that these costs are not set in stone. One area may be cheaper than another, but make sure you do not choose a dentist that gives you a seriously low estimate. For more information, contact your local cosmetic dentist in Manassas today.

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