Involving your Kids with Landscaping and Gardening

Nature has much to offer children and your own property can provide a wonderful world of exploration and learning. You can involve your children in designing and caring for your garden whether you start your garden using Ottawa landscaping companies or do it all yourself.

Staying Active

Involving your children in gardening will help keep them active. You can all enjoy time outdoors together and work on things such as weeding, watering and planting throughout the summer and more rigorous work such as raking and clearing in the fall. They can assist with heavier jobs such as hauling mulch or river stones to assist with paths and flower beds and smaller kids will love lugging a hose around the garden to assist with watering. Teens will hate mowing the lawn, but it is a good workout and teaches them responsibility.

Getting Creative

Even is you are considering Ottawa landscaping and Gardening companies to plan your garden you can still involve your kids with the design and creation of the garden. First you can visit a garden store and let them pick out a few plants they like. You can also have them present when the landscapers visit so they can see what is involved in the planning and see where their plants will be incorporated. Kids will find this very interesting especially when they see the plants they chose being used in the planning.

Learning Responsibilities

If each child is involved with a different element for caring for the garden they will learn about responsibility. You can rotate chores or assign age appropriate tasks so that each family member is involved. Learning about caring for a garden is a wonderful way to also teach children about nurturing and when you have flowers or a vegetable garden they will witness the fruits of their labour.

Creativity and Involvement

A garden is a wonderful place to nurture a child’s creativity. Even if you have your heart set on a professionally landscaped garden you can allow each child to create their own planters or flower bed. They can choose the plants they wish to plant and be responsible for watering and weeding. This will allow them to experiment with colour, learn about different types of plants and flowers and assist with confidence and a sense of responsibility. You can even carry creativity into the kitchen by adding items such as strawberries, tomatoes and herbs to their project.

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