Invoicing Options For Long Distance Moving From New Orleans

For anyone moving from New Orleans to another state, obtaining a long distance moving estimate is one of the first steps in finding the right mover for the job. Different moving companies have different rates, fees, and charges, and they also may have different additional services available.

Top residential long distance moving services take the time to explain the estimate and to make sure the customer is aware of what service are or are not included in the estimate. Unfortunately, there are always a few companies that do not make this information clear, and this can end up costing a customer.

Long Distance Vs. Local Moves

All out of state or interstate moves are considered long distance. They are regulated by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association), and have different licensing and permitting regulations than local movers. Local moves are typically those within New Orleans and a set distance outside of the city. Local moves are charged on an hourly rate based on the number of movers in the crew.

Long distance moves are calculated on a different formula. These moves include the weight on the truck, the mileage for the move, as well as labor. There may also be fuel surcharges and travel fees, and the company should provide basic valuation coverage with the option to add on more comprehensive liability protection.

Binding quotes hold the moving company to the estimated price, while non-binding quotes can increase dramatically once the contents of the house are on the truck.

Additional Services

It is also common for long distance moving estimates to include additional costs for flights of stairs, elevators, the distance from the truck to load and unload, and even the need to move specific types of items such as pianos or pool tables.

The customer may also ask for services such as packing and unpacking, auto transport, or specialized wrapping and padding requirements. Always check to make sure these specialized services are itemized on the estimate, or have them written in if they were promised as part of the quote.

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