Invisalign in Destin, FL Are The Braces That Adults Can Wear

There are two main reasons that someone is taken to see an orthodontist. Those reasons are that their teeth are growing in crooked or with spaces between the teeth. The orthodontist will use digital imaging and other advanced computer graphs to design the appropriate set of braces to use on the patient to remedy their teeth problems.

Stubbs Orthodontics will tell you that you have a choice in the kind of braces that can be used. There is the traditional wire braces, invisible ceramic braces and a new type of braces named Invisalign in Destin, FL. The thing that all of these types of braces have in common is that they apply varying amounts of pressure on the teeth over time to cause the teeth to move back into the correct growth path. This can straighten out crooked teeth and it can close the gaps between teeth.

Most people have seen younger people wearing the traditional kind of wire braces. This is because the parents of these young people discovered early that their children’s teeth were growing in, in a misaligned path. This is often discovered by their general service or pediatric dentist and then they are referred to an orthodontist for treatment.

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If a person has not seen an orthodontist as a child and their teeth have grown in crooked or with gaps into their adulthood, they have tried to learn to live with the situations rather than go through wearing traditional wire braces. invisalign in Destin, FL provides an alternative to this situation. Not only is the Invisalign type of braces nearly invisible even to people standing close to you while you are talking, they can be taken out while you eat. This last part is important be cause no food particles can get between the teeth and the braces that are being worn so no cavities can get a start like they can with traditional wire braces. These two reasons are why more adults with misaligned teeth are making appointments with an orthodontist to get their teeth fixed. These adults are realizing that they can have the smile they always wanted and they don’t have to go around wearing wire braces like they are children. If you are an adult with misaligned teeth, make an appointment with an orthodontist today..

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