Interior Designers Can Add Attractive Flooring throughout Your Home

When it comes to improving the look of your home, you may feel overwhelmed and not really know where to begin. Interior designers can help you assess your home and make recommendations for areas that would benefit the most from improvement. One of the easiest and most popular ways to enhance the appearance of your home is by adding carpet or hardwood flooring to the residence.

When you are trying to decide which flooring option will work best for you, you should take many factors into consideration. For instance, consider the durability, finish, color and look of the product. Your flooring will cover a huge area of your home, so it is a critical feature in influencing your home’s style and character.

Why Carpet?
Carpet is beneficial in that it provides thermal resistance, meaning it will retain warm air for longer periods of time. This is a huge energy-saving benefit. Carpeting also makes your floors more comfortable to work, play or sit on and makes your house more welcoming and warmer overall. Yet another advantage of carpet is that it does improve your home’s indoor air quality by trapping particles such as pollen and dust and thus keep your breathing zone cleaner. Carpets additionally reduce noise and soften a toddler’s falls and slips. You can choose a carpet pattern, color and texture that reflects your personality and adds style and beauty to your space.

Why Hardwood Floors?
The benefit of hardwood floors is that they don’t harbor dust and allergens, which is helpful for those who suffer from allergies. Another advantage of this type of flooring is that you can repair it if needed via refinishing, smoothing and sanding rather than having to replace it. Hardwood flooring also doesn’t require as much maintenance as carpets do, and it resists stains and spills more easily. However, it is important to note that hardwood floors can be damaged, dented, scuffed, scratched and scraped, particularly if they are placed in areas with high traffic. By choosing the right flooring from reputable interior designers, Houston homeowners can quickly transform their houses into their dream homes.

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