Interior Design Trick to Enhance your Condo

If you are considering the purchase of a Condo For Sale In Santa Monica you might be interested in creating more space for your condo living. Condos are a comfortable, luxurious living space and you can work with some interior design tricks to make your home even more beautiful.

Mirror Usage

Mirrors are an interior decorator’s secret weapon in adding more space and light. You can take a look at the rooms in your condo and see where you get more light as well as more open space such as doors and halls. Look for the best spots to position mirrors so that they reflect light and space back into smaller rooms. By placing a mirror on a solid wall facing a window or an opening you will project light and space onto the wall. You can also hang them above your bed or sofa to add a feeling of higher ceilings.


Because of glass’ transparency it can give a lighter, airier feel to your space. Using glass on table tops and shelving will provide the surfaces you require without interfering with the views throughout your home. By avoiding heavier materials such as wood and metal you will allow your space to remain light and ethereal and you can also consider using glass partition walls to add separation without ruining the feel of your open concept layout.

Light Neutrals

Using a monotone color palette or lighter neutral colors will also keep your space looking open and airy. You can opt for a darker accent wall and also choose white for your trim throughout your condo as this will make the ceilings appear higher. For the most open feel palest hues in green and blue work very well.

Natural Light

Natural light offers a soft and comforting feel to your space. You should take full advantage of natural light wherever you can use blinds that provide privacy without blocking out the light. This works well in condos as they help give the building a uniform look while offering your home sunlight.

Hovering Furniture

Exposed legs on furniture will really open up a space as well. You can also look for desks and shelving that appear to hover or float on the walls. The more exposed flooring the larger each room will appear. This doesn’t mean you can’t have area rugs; it just means to use less heavy skirting on sofas and chairs.



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