Inspire With Laughter

by | Apr 2, 2015 | Education and Training

You probably have never really considered humor to be a truly motivational tool before have you? It can be when it is wielded by someone who can use it like a knife to cut through inhibitions and self-defenses. Using laughter as a method of inspiration can work exceptionally well in a business setting. No one wants to sit through a boring monotone sounding lecture about the ethics of the world but with clean corporate humor you can get your ideas across while also making it interesting and entertaining to your audience. The next time you are thinking about setting up a meeting with a keynote speaker or speakers you should really think about injecting it with some form of comedy so to keep you coworkers happy and engaged.

Why Is Laughing So Important?

We connect with various emotions as people and often times we relate well with funny things. Anything that make or gives us a good chuckle can usually stick with us for hours. Have you ever heard a joke and then hours later it just kind of comes back into your mind, and you have a good snicker about it? That is the power of laughing at its finest. It can take a dull subject and turn it into something that you will remember fondly and with much enthusiasm. If you have employees, you truly want to make an impression on or want to motivate to greater heights you might be able to achieve these results by liberal use of humorous stories or anecdotes. Give it a try next time you find yourself tapped to talk about a subject that many views as boring.

Bringing in a Motivational Speaker

If you are not capable of bringing the funny so to speak, you can always look outside to professionals who make a living delivering these types of addresses. They often have many relatable stories or characters that they can bring to the table when delivering a speech to your peers. You should never feel obligated or stressed out about keynote speeches because they are a great way to influence those around you. If you can and are able to get outside help then by all means do so. Whatever it takes to get your company the upper hand and to help in giving them the motivation and inspiration they need to finish the job at hand. So go out there and bring the laughter back to corporate America and assist your peers in achieving their own potential.

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