Injured in One of the Metro Accidents in Greenbelt? Contact a Lawyer

While public transportation is a convenient and affordable way to move around the Washington DC area, metro accidents in Greenbelt do occur. These can be small accidents that result in minor bruises and cuts or they can be serious accidents that produce life-threatening injuries. It’s important that passengers have a doctor check them out. Therefore they will know if those aches should go away in a few days or if they are symptoms of whiplash.

If a Metro train has to stop suddenly in order to avoid a collision with another train, passengers can be thrown around the car. Some may even fall and hit their head. While Metro employees call an ambulance and get the required emergency services for passengers this isn’t enough. An injured passenger should call one of the Metro Accident Lawyers to learn if they have a case against the Metro system. If the trains almost collided because the equipment was maintained poorly or an employee was texting, then the Metro system can be considered negligent. That means the passenger is entitled for damages to pay medical bills and to replace lost wages. Depending upon the nature of the injury the passenger may also be entitled to pain and suffering compensation.

The passenger’s lawyer will document the injury and show proof that it was the actions of a Metro employee or equipment that caused the injury. At this point the insurance company for the Metro will determine how much money they are willing to give the passenger as compensation. Often times an insurance company will make a very low initial offer. The passenger will be advised by their lawyer to reject the offer. Personal injury lawyers participate in these debates all of the time. They are familiar with whiplash injuries and the long-term impacts they can have on a patient’s life and ability to work. It’s the job of the lawyer to ensure that the Metro system is held accountable. Not only does this ensure that an injured person can live a secure life, it ensures that public transportation remains safe for everyone. Often these claims are settled out of court and there is no need to go to trial.

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