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by | Jul 24, 2013 | Construction And Maintenance

Kitchen_1_185_170_c1_center_center_0_0Hardiplank siding is considered to be the Cadillac of sidings because of its durability, appearance and reasonable pricing. Hardiplank is currently at the top of popularity and is on 5.5-million homes. Hardiplank is versatile and well-suited for a variety of climates.

Vinyl siding was the absolute most wonderful product since sliced bread because of its simple application, fresh clean appearance and durability. But now durability lives on in a new, more natural appearance.

Appearance of Real Wood

Wood, unfortunately, rots and all too soon will need to be replaced. But the Hardiplank siding in San Antonio has the appearance of real wood to the point someone will have to take a second look. It seems that wood is a classic that like many other things runs its life span. With Hardiplank siding, you can achieve the same look in a more durable fashion.

Low Maintenance

Hardiplank siding in San Antonio has a 30-year warranty that eliminates what could be expensive repairs or maintenance issues. This provides more time for the homeowner to be with his family, rather than making repairs and replacements to the siding.

Many homeowners have spent hours on a ladder, painting the exterior of their house about every three to five years. If it had been a longer period of time, the entire exterior probably had to be scraped and possibly treated to resist moisture. But today, Hardiplank has swept the market with a product that is the king of low maintenance and also has the classy wood appearance.

Increases Value Home

Real wood siding is beautiful and vintage but has the risk of termites and rotting to a point it devalues the home. Hardiplank siding in San Antonio, on the other hand, increases the value of the home across the board. The warranty is transferrable so if a homeowner sells his home, the buyer has a first class step above the other houses on the block.


Durability is a quality everyone is looking for because that means less money over a period of years. Hardiplank siding in San Antonio has been used on homes in humid climates with heavy rain. It has been reported that no one has yet used their comprehensive warranty. The material, the coating and the application are all durable. This type of siding possesses a comprehensive durability review.

If you are interested to Hardiplank siding in San Antonio, visit for answers to all your questions.

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