Information About Buying Generators In Charlottesville

When the power goes out in a storm, it can sometimes take days for the electrical company to get it restored. Going without electricity in your home for days at a time makes it difficult to run your household. To be prepared during a power outage, you should consider buying Generators in Charlottesville. Read the information below to learn more about home generators and never go without electricity again.

Q.) What types of home generators are available in Virginia and how do I choose the type that I need?

A.) There are many different brands of generators, but there are two basic types. Portable generators are on wheels and when the power goes out, you wheel it out of your garage and hook it up to power your home. A permanent generator is always hooked up to your home and it will start up automatically when the power goes out. A permanent generator is much more expensive, however if you need electricity for medical equipment or you want to have power to several large appliances during an outage, you may need to spend the extra money. Portable Generators from Fitch Services in Charlottesville, Virginia can be hooked up quickly when the electricity goes out to power the appliances you need in your home. Many homeowners choose to purchase this type of generator because it does the job and the expense is manageable.

Q.) What size of portable generator do I need to power my home?

A.) You can purchase portable generators in Virginia in different amounts of wattage ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 to power your home. To determine what size you need, make a list of the appliances that you’ll need to have running during a power outage. Look at your list and add up the amount of watts that it takes to run each appliance and add up the total wattage. When looking at Generators in Charlottesville, speak to an experienced staff member if you need help choosing a home generator.

Fitch Services offers heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing services to residential customers. They also provide generator installation, repair and maintenance. Visit their website at for more information about their services and contact information.

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