Information on Affordable Dental Implant Treatment in Trumbull

family dentist in Oyster Bay NYNo one wants to have to deal with missing teeth. This issue can make you suffer with self-esteem problems and can also cause issues with you being able to chew your food or enjoy some foods that are more difficult to chew. If you are dealing with missing teeth, you do not have to continue to suffer with the issue. Through dental implant treatments, your missing teeth can be completely replaced, giving you a beautiful smile. In the past, this procedure was quite expensive, but now, there are Affordabe Dental Implant Treatment in Trumbull so everyone can have their teeth repaired or replaced.

How Do Dental Implants Replace Your Teeth?

When your teeth are missing, you often will try to hide your smile. This can make your life difficult, when it comes time to be in social situations or eat and talk in front of others. To restore your smile, you need dental implants. These implants become a permanent part of your smile, filling in the gaps and dramatically improving your appearance. This process is done through a surgical procedure and takes several weeks to complete.

The first part of receiving Affordabe Dental Implant Treatment in Trumbull is to have the surgery to implant the metal anchors into your jawbone. These anchors will become a part of your jawbone, serving as the root to your artificial teeth. Once your anchors are in place, you will have to heal for approximately three weeks before any further work is done on your smile. This allows your gums time to heal and allows the anchor to become seated correctly in your jaw.

After three weeks, you will come back to the dentist to have your artificial teeth put on each anchor. The dentist will make sure each implant fits in well with your other teeth and does not affect your bite in any way. Once in place, these implants can last a lifetime, though you will need to use caution in eating some foods and participating in some activities.
If you are interested in learning more about dental implants and how they can improve your smile, contact the dental office of Dr. Keith Rudolph, DDS. He will be glad to provide you with the dental services you need, to ensure your smile looks amazing.

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