Increased Security with Biometric Liveness Detection

Across the globe, companies and businesses are moving to the use of online access to accounts, data, and information. At the same time, regulations and protocols have evolved in many industries, and specifically in the banking and financial industry, to protect both businesses and consumers from online security threats.

The use of biometrics is a top example of this increased use of “smart technology.” Thanks to artificial intelligence and the use of biometric liveness detection, even the best of criminals, hackers, or bots cannot outsmart the security systems.

Key Factors in Authenticating Users

Including biometric liveness detection in KYC, technology ensures the individual’s image is from a live person. In other words, a criminal cannot use an image grabbed from a social media account to pose as the customer.

The biometric liveness detection system not only compares the image provided by the customer with the one on file, but it also ensures it is actually the individual. These systems cannot be fooled by images, 3-D masks, videos, or other types of technology used to create spoof or fake images.

These systems work by measuring key locations on the face of the individual with the original ID provided. This data is stored on the system and compared to any images used to access the account at a future time.

Even with the best quality of custom-made masks, 3-D printed faces, or exceptional quality copied photos, the liveness detection component of the software rejects images not captured in real-time by the actual customer. This protects the customers and also the reputation of the company or financial institute.

At Accura Scan, we offer a comprehensive KYC and AML services using state-of-the-art biometric liveness detection. To learn more, see us online at

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