Increase Your Business with an Automated Pallet Loader

Is your packaging system slowing down your operation? Maybe it takes too long to process your cartons, or you have problems filling orders. An automated pallet loader can speed up the entire process and make things easier for your crew. Here are some of the good things palletizers can do for your business.

No More Mistakes

People can easily make mistakes. In fact, even with something as simple as stacking boxes on a pallet, it’s possible to drop a box or do something which costs your company time and money. An automated palletizer uses a robot or other automated system to perfectly stack your materials on pallets. It doesn’t make mistakes, so the process runs smoothly.

Fewer People Needed

If you install an automated palletizer, you no longer need to pay someone to stack materials on pallets. Cartons can flow along a conveyor system and into the automated pallet loader. This can save a lot of money when you consider a year’s wages and costs like workman compensation, insurance, and other employee related expenses.


With an automated palletizer, you don’t have to worry about many worker injuries and insurance claims. Each year many people injure their backs bending over and picking up boxes. When you eliminate this task, this risk no longer exists.


If you have limited funds, you can choose a semi-automated system. A worker sets materials on a conveyor, and the pallet loader does the rest. You can also use a fully automated system, and when you need to increase production, your palletizer can handle more than one conveyor. However, you have more options to consider.

Why not add a stretch wrapping machine to your automatic palletizing system? Stretch wrapping is a great way to stabilize your loads. It also protects them from damage. Your packaging system specialists can show you all the options.

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