Improve Your Bite With Dental Implants in Columbia TN

There are many ways to improve your smile such as teeth whitening or dental veneers and each of them serve a specific purpose, but none of these processes can be used if the teeth are severely damaged or missing. Damaged teeth can occur from neglect or accidental trauma which can also be a cause for missing teeth. If several teeth are missing in the same area the dentist may suggest a bridge which can replace more than one missing tooth, but there is an alternative known as dental implants that can fill in the gaps.

Dental Implants in Columbia TN uses a surgical procedure to implant a plastic or metal stud in the jawbone. The use of an inert material like this allows the bone to properly heal around the stud and anchor it into place. The stud provides excellent support for the porcelain crown that will be placed on it once the surgical wound has healed. The primary purpose of dental implants is to protect the existing teeth. Once a tooth has been removed there is a gap and any existing teeth will try and fill that gap by slowly shifting position. Using a strong replacement like an implant prohibits this movement. It also allows the patient the chance to eat properly.

Dental Implants in Columbia TN are used to replace just about any teeth because they provide a strong base for the replacement crown. However, they may not be the best solution when there are many missing teeth. This is because the jaw would become weak with that many studs in one place. In cases like these the dentist will implant the studs in specific locations and create a dental plate that can then be secured to the studs. This method provides the uniform smile of well fitting dentures without the instability of loosely fitting dental plates. This process can also be used to secure partial plates or bridgework as well and doesn’t require the extra filing that traditional bridges need to hold them in place. Selecting the dentist for these procedures can be difficult, but dentists like the Center For Dental Health can make this part of the process easier. Visit their website at

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