Improve Your Smile with Braces in Gilbert, AZ

Your smile is a reflection of your personality, a statement of who you are. Your smile can radiate the confidence of a person who lives each day to the fullest, or it may be a source of embarrassment due to the appearance of your teeth. If you look in the mirror, and instead of the Hollywood smile you’d like to have, you find crowded or crooked teeth, too much space between your teeth or an under-bite, it’s probably time to find an orthodontist and get Braces in Gilbert, AZ. Don’t waste any more time in getting the help you need for the kind of smile that will open doors. Braces can improve your life at any age.

Ideally, braces are applied when the patient is young to ensure a lifelong beautiful smile, but it’s never too late. Braces are suitable for adults and may require as little as six months to transform your teeth for a million dollar smile. Not taking proactive steps to treat dental issues such as crowded and crooked teeth, effects of thumb sucking, accidents or even deficits you’ve inherited from your parents, can lead to other problems like tooth decay, chewing defects, speaking abnormalities, earaches or headaches. Invest in your smile and consider Braces in Gilbert AZ.

When you visit the orthodontist, he will evaluate your mouth and help you select the best option for you. The orthodontist will take digital x-rays that emit less radiation than traditional ones and may use a small camera in your mouth that allows you to see what the orthodontist sees. Braces are custom made. Due to state-of-the-art technology, your orthodontist can offer a variety of braces: your smile can light up the night with glow in the dark braces; gold braces are an attractive option; invisible braces are clear and removable; lingual braces work from behind your teeth, making them also invisible; mini-braces are a 30% smaller version of normal braces; and porcelain braces offer a more natural appearance. Visit your local orthodontist to discover a variety of choices for Braces in Gilbert, AZ.

The average cost of braces is approximately $4,000, but insurance normally covers up to half of those costs. If your parents couldn’t afford braces when you were a child, consider improving your smile and your future with Braces in Gilbert, AZ.

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