Important Points to Consider When Installing an Aluminum Fence In Queens County, NY

by | Oct 3, 2013 | Fences And Fencing

There are so many designs of fences to choose from when you decide to fence your yard, church, school, factory or any other property. Some people prefer certain materials such as wood, stone, wire and even aluminum. All these options have their pros and cons. When you decide to use an Aluminum fence in Queens County NY, you need to take note of certain factors.

Aluminum does not rust, which is perhaps one of its greatest properties that make it a favorable choice for many. There is, however, a concern with the cost of the metal. This metal is costly as compared to many others in the market. This comes with good reason, though, because it can last very long due to its ability to overcome corrosion.

The aluminum fences come in two main series; the 2000 and 4000 series. The 2000 series is slightly lighter and is often preferred for simple or light duty fencing while the 4000 series is for heavy-duty fences. Many people use it for homes, churches and other properties that are not so sensitive. The good news is that the fence is easy to install. It generally does not need screws or riveting.

The parts come in manageable assembly units that you can join at the site. With this kind of assembling, it is easier to transport the fence for use in any place. As long as you can pack them in a van or truck, it is easy to put the pieces together upon arrival. Many people also worry about the servicing and repair needs of most fencing systems.

Because the system does not use screws, it is easy to put together. The joints are also made in a way that is very secretive. You cannot easily notice the joints and this makes it more secure. It is also worth noting that the system comes complete with a gate. It is only natural that a fence will have a gate at some point. The designers of this fence have included gates that come in different designs to give variety.

At the gate, there are so things you should consider when installing an Aluminum fence Queens County NY. The hinges and the latch are important features. Without these two, the gates cannot open and close with ease. The hinges come in many designs too. You can choose self-closing hinges if you want the gate to slide back into place automatically.

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