Important Information About Distillery Wastewater Treatment And Disposal

In any type of distillery, which is typically defined as any type of process that is producing alcoholic drinks through the process of distillation, the production of wastewater is a primary concern. The process itself requires a significant amount of water, plus there are continual washing, cleaning and sanitizing processes in place that are also very water-intensive.

The Problem With Distillery Wastewater

A very significant concern with distillery wastewater treatment and disposal is the amount of organic materials that are found in both the process and the cleaning wastewater. This organic material includes fruits and grains as well as other organic materials.

In addition, distillery wastewater also contains carbon, which is used in filtering processes, as well as dissolved and very small suspended solids as well as cleaning product residue. All of these materials and compounds in the wastewater impact the acidity or alkalinity of the water, which has to meet specific standards in order to be discharged into municipal sewer systems.

The Dewatering Option

A highly effective way to address distillery wastewater treatment and disposal requirements is to use a dewatering process. This is a system that is on-site, and it is designed to remove the solids and organic material from the water. The solids and the organic material collects in the tank, while the water, which is now acceptable to dispose of in the sewer system, is removed.

The benefit to the distillery is the process is highly efficient. As only the sludge remains in the bottom of the tank, there is less cost for disposal as the volume is very low and highly concentrated.

Additionally, with distillery wastewater treatment and disposal, the sludge or the solid waste itself may be used by agricultural industries as a form of fertilizer. This could be an additional revenue stream for the distillery, which will continue to earn a profit as long as there is wastewater disposal required.

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