Importance of UL 508 & Other Quality Control Requirements

Do you need an electric motor or another type of industrial control device? If so, be sure to purchase from a company that adheres to crucial industry standards, such as those held by Underwriters Laboratories. A trustworthy manufacturer will be able to provide you with first-rate products for your application or project. When you work with high-powered electrical components, you need to be sure that any devices you plan to purchase have been rigorously tested for weak points and were engineered with safety in mind.

Who are UL?
Underwriters Laboratories, or UL, was developed in 1894 and is currently headquartered in Illinois. As an OSHA-approved safety testing company, the collective goal of UL is to provide safety training and validation services. From manufacturers and retailers, to government entities and service companies, UL inspects, tests, and certifies supply chains for various types of industry professionals. With over 100 years of experience behind them, their extensive knowledge and skill aids customers in meeting market demands by producing safety-compliant, quality products that exceed industry standards and customer expectations.

About UL’s Standards
When it comes to industrial control equipment, UL holds several safety standards for manufacturers that produce different types of electrical devices. Components that are used to regulate, stop, start, or safeguard electric motors should meet the UL’s requirements. There are many different types of industrial control equipment, and therefore, many different quality standards, such as ul 508 a, UL 698A, and UL 1203. Each of these standards refers to a particular component. UL 508 A, for example, covers industrial control panels and the safety requirements that should be acknowledged by companies that supply them.

Avoid Unnecessary Risk
If you’re looking to purchase a specific electrical device, such as a VFD, transformer, or control panel, it’s a smart idea to buy only from a company that maintains UL certifications. Electric motors, or any sort of device that manipulates the torque, voltage, current, or another aspect of a motor, should be thoroughly tested and evaluated. Unsafe electrical components can put you and your employees at risk of shock, fire, and other hazards. Choosing a reputable company will ensure that you not only get your moneys’ worth, but that the product you’re purchasing is safe and high quality.

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