Importance of Transmission repair

by | Aug 14, 2012 | Automotive And Cars

One effect of the economic down turn is that more people are feeling greater pressure to keep their cars longer. It makes sense, it’s almost always cheaper to repair than to replace, and if you’re watching your money carefully you’ll be willing to put up with an outdated car a bit longer. Some mechanical faults will develop over time, and if you’re watching your money you’ll probably learn to deal with them. One of the simplest faults would be increased road noise. It’s irritating but it’s by no means a debilitating problem. It’s simply a product of age and wear on the car reducing the quality of sound buffering. One of the worse problems that can happen is transmission failure. We’ll get into what a transmission does in a second, but suffice it to say no matter what type of driving you do, be it towing and hauling a fishing boat to Greenville, Maine, or driving the kids to Northfield, MN you want your transmission working.

If you drive an automatic your view of a transmission might be a bit simplified. There’s neutral, which you never use, reverse which you use in parking lots and drive which you always use unless it’s parked. For someone who drives a manual they are more likely to appreciate what a transmission is about. A manual driver will use “neutral” a lot because they can easily slide in and out of it, that’s what depressing the clutch does.  When shifting between gears a driver will go into neutral and leave it into a different gear. What a gear does is change the amount of wheel rotations a rotation of the engine produces. If you’ve ridden a 10 or more speed bike (any speed really) this should make some sense. The principles to pedaling a bike are at work as well. Try starting a ten speed in tenth gear up a hill. You basically can’t do it. At the same time you’re limited on max speed on a straight line in first gear. With a car it’s much the same since one rotation of the engine might cause too many rotations of the wheel from start. Since the engine is locked into the transmission if it cannot complete a rotation, it will stall.

What does transmission trouble mean to you the driver? You could get stuck in too high a gear, meaning your engine will struggle to perform as it should on the road. You might burn more gas than needed or just have a sluggish car. If you’re towing it could be worse. You could get stuck between gears; this means your car catches in neutral leaving you without throttle response. It could fail to shift out of the gear meaning you could run the engine at too high of RPM and potentially do damage. If you need transmission repair the best advice is to just go get it. Don’t dither about hoping it will fix itself you could make the problem worse. The good news is that you will be able to find competent local people for transmission repair in Greenville, ME or Northfield, MN and pretty much anywhere else in the country.

Transmission Repair Northfield Some problems you can deal with but a faulty transmission is a headache no one wants. If your transmission is sluggish or getting stuck between gears it can cause problems for even the most careful drivers. If left untreated it could eventually cause the entire engine to seize up. Treat the problem before it becomes a disaster. At Car Time Auto Center located in Northfield, MN they can take care of your problem quickly and efficiently.

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