Importance Of Seeing An Optometrist Chicago

Most people tend to overlook their own health care maintenance until a problem occurs and only then do they make an appointment to see the doctor. Though it’s extremely important to have your eyes checked regularly, many people put it off until they have a problem reading the small print of the newspaper or seeing street signs while driving. Though, of course, it’s important to follow up at that time, adults should see the optometrist Chicago, at least every 2 – 3 years, and if they are over 60, they should have a yearly eye examination. These eye examinations help to detect unforeseen problems such as glaucoma, macular degeneration or cataracts before the problem progresses enough to affect the vision.

When arriving at the appointment with the Optometrist in Chicago, plan to be there for at least an hour. The eye examination will probably consist of a vision acuity test to determine your actual vision along with various diagnostic tests to assess the health of the eye. The eye doctor will test eye pressure to determine the risk of glaucoma. This is done most commonly with a puff of air into the eye. This measures the eye’s fluid pressure. High pressure can be a sign of glaucoma. During an eye examination, the optometrist Chicago will most likely dilate your eyes with eye drops. This allows him to look easily into your eyes and visualize the optic nerve and see any other problems that may not be visible otherwise. If cataracts are suspected, the doctor will monitor them and determine when they are “ripe” enough to remove.

Many different eye diseases or conditions, such as glaucoma, can be controlled with medication once the problem is discovered. Without regular eye examinations from the Optometrist Chicago, eye conditions that could be easily handled will progress to something more serious and permanent damage can occur. Because we only have one set of eyes, it’s imperative to take care of them to minimize any problems and keep our vision as healthy and clear as possible. This can be done by regular eye care at a trusted vision center.

Visiting the Business Name who can help you lessen the damage to your eyes.

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