Humane Skunk removal in Westerville, OH

The striped skunk is the type that is typically found in Westerville, Ohio. These skunks can be as big as domestic cats and are good diggers. They usually have black, long hair with a strip of white down their back, but the color can vary from cream, brown, white, and even albino. Skunk are highly adaptable, which is why their populations continue to grow even as humans take over their habitat. This causes a huge problem with Animal control and Skunk removal in Westerville, OH, since the population just continues to grow.

Skunks are drawn to areas inhabited by people because of an available food supply, which includes:

Trash cans
Food dropped from bird feeders
Compost piles
Grubs found in the lawn
Pet bowls

Once they have an established food supply in your yard, they will build a den and take up residence on your property. This creates numerous problems for a home owner. Since skunks like to dig, this can destroy your lawn, garden, landscaping, sidewalks, and cause foundation issues in your home. This burrowing also causes drainage issues, further compromising the structure of your home. The skunks may also chew through wires cutting off power to your home or creating fire hazards. The smell of the skunk is the least of your worries as it poses no threat to humans, however, there are special sprays that can lessen this problem. Skunks also carry numerous diseases and pests, which is another reason Skunk removal in Westerville, OH is important. Some of these diseases and pests include rabies, lice, scabies, distemper, and fleas.

Spending a little money money for Skunk removal in Westerville, OH now can save you a lot of money in the future. Skunk removal is typically done by trapping the animals. These traps are placed near dens or other areas that appear to have damage from skunk activity. Once the animal is caught, it can be removed and either relocated or euthanized if it is found to be diseased. After this is done, repairs should be made to your home and property to avoid re-infestation of skunks or other nuisance animals.

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