How You Benefit When You Pawn Jewelry in Atlanta

You probably already know that you can get money when you pawn valuables, but you may have no idea what other services pawn shops offer. In fact, companies such as Happy Hocker Jewelry & Loan offer customers a range of benefits that include:

* SHORT TERM LOANS: The term “pawn” actually means leaving something as security for money that is borrowed. That is the principle that pawn shops use in order to give you a short term loan. They will evaluate your valuables and offer an amount that they are willing to lend. There is no credit check involved when you

* pawn jewelry in Atlanta

* and stores pay instantly. Loans are usually 30-day renewable collateral agreements and your valuables are kept in a vault, which gives you the option to buy them back.

* GOLD AND SILVER BUYING: Precious metal prices are at an all-time high, and you might be surprised at how much money you can make when you pawn jewelry in Atlanta. Expert appraisers monitor current gold and silver prices. They weigh and test the purity of your jewelry right in front of you and make an instant cash offer. Many customers are surprised at how much their broken gold necklaces, bracelets, chains, and earrings are worth.

* JEWELRY REPAIR: Pawn shops are home to professional jewelers who can reset rings, polish jewelry, mount diamonds, and set gemstones. They will clean and restore your pieces and repair precious stones. Experts can re-size rings for you and offer Rhodium Plating. They restore old watches and can replace or repair crystals, re-size watches, and refinish timepieces.

* SALES: Many people enjoy shopping at a quality pawn shop. The stores repair and clean jewelry that they buy and offer it for sale at prices that are deeply discounted. Shops also offer coins, electronics, musical instruments, and more. Quality pawn shops are the ideal source for wedding ring stones because they often sell loose diamonds that include GIA and EGL certifications.

A pawn shop is the ideal place to go when you need cash for your valuables. Their experts provide a quick valuation and pay on the spot. You can choose to borrow against your things or sell them outright. The shops also sell a wide variety of fine jewelry and other items at affordable prices.

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