How to Use Custom T Shirt Printing to Increase Your Customer Base

by | Jan 17, 2013 | Shopping

Custom t shirt printing is an advertising method many business owners forget about, but it might be a perfect way of reaching your clientele. Clothing sporting your company’s logo can spread the word and act as a personal recommendation for your products or services. The key is identifying your target audience and finding the right kinds of designs that will attract their attention.

Custom T Shirt Printing Is Affordable

Compared to television or radio advertising, spreading the word through branded clothing is effective and affordable. A big reason behind this is your ability to recoup printing costs through clothing sales. While some customers will consider your printed shirts a form of advertising, others will see it merely as a way to connect with like-minded people and show their support.

Having the t shirts printed generally doesn’t cost much more than the price of the shirt, shipping and the cost of having a logo designed, unless you have one available already. Some printing shops have clip art that’s free for customer use. Others have designers on hand or have a list of professionals they recommend.

Because custom t shirt printing is so inexpensive, shirt sales are able to be low enough for many customers to purchase one without price being an obstacle. Depending upon your company, however, you don’t want to price things too low either. It’s better to have pricier merchandise you sometimes give away as appreciation gifts than to undersell and cut away the value of your product.

Designing Shirts for a Target Audience

Every business has a set of typical potential customers called a target market. You can create a custom t shirt printing campaign targeted to this group of people. A younger, female audience may appreciate a selection of shirts tailored to their physical curves. Women’s shirts have a different fit and often command a higher price. This is usually because they cost more to make. On the other hand, if your customer base is made up of men, regular t shirts would be a better choice.

Designs can also be created specifically for the audience you have in mind. Younger fans will want wilder, bolder designs, while professional

groups may respond better to a graphic with a message. Simply sporting your company logo may work well for certain campaigns, but you shouldn’t feel tied to it for custom t shirt printing.

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