How to Register my Angus Heifer

Having cattle in your ranch is good for your business, but it is vital to ensure they fully and properly registered. To register your Angus Heifer, you will need the information of the calf’s sire, the day it was born, the sex of the calf, and the identification number which it was given. The registration sometimes requires you to share information about the heifer’s calving ease and even the weight. Here is how you can register your Angus heifer.

Twin calves

If your Angus cow has twin calves, you need to make sure that you include the information about the first calf beside the cow. After that, you will need to re-enter the number of the cow in the space to register the second calf.

The Embryo Transfer Calves

If you have embryo transfer heifer calves, they will be recorded on a different Calf Registration Form. In the form, you will be required to include the dates of the embryo’s implant and its identification number. Other information that you must provide is the breed of the embryo and the identification number.

Submit the Forms

After you have filled in all the required details, it is time to submit the filled form in an electronic format. There are numerous and popular ways to deliver the registration form to the calf registration body.

It’s ok to Make Mistakes

Sometimes you could find yourself having made a mistake during your heifer’s registration, which is quite normal. After the registrations have been processed, the organization sends a copy of the registration with all the details. This way, you can always check if there were any mistakes made and have them corrected soon. It is best to correct such mistakes early, especially if you keep Angus Heifers for sale.

If the registration organization has any errors, It will be marked as pending. After which, Animal Request for Information Summary Report is sent to you asking you to provide the right information about your cow. If there is any correction you need to make, you should do so in writing and then send it via email or post the form to the Members’ team Willer Timber Ridge.

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