How to Qualify For Free Smartphones

In a world that is increasingly focused on the use of technology for all aspects of your personal and professional life, living without a smartphone poses a distinct disadvantage. Many individuals and families simply cannot afford the cost of cell phones and plans, which limits their ability to interact with friends and family, use the internet, and even stay in touch with their employer or school.

To address this issue, the Lifeline Program launched in 1985. This program was designed to assist low-income families and individuals to have access to phone services in their homes. Now, with the use of mobile phones, the program has expanded to provide qualifying individuals with free smartphones and plans in Oklahoma.

Income Levels

Individuals or families living with incomes below 135% of the federal government poverty guidelines will qualify for these free smartphones in Oklahoma. There is one phone provided per family, and it is possible to bring your own phone to the service if it is compatible.

Qualifying Programs

Individuals already participating in various government assistance programs may also be eligible for free smartphones. These programs include SSI, SNAP, Medicaid, and federal government housing assistance.

In addition, programs provided for individuals on tribal lands, those with Veteran’s or Survivor’s pension, and other similar types of programs can qualify for the phones. Filling out an online application or talking with the cell phone provider is the best way to check your eligibility. The process is very quick and once approved, your cell phone is available for use.

Infiniti Mobile is an approved provider of the Lifeline Program, providing free smartphones to qualified individuals and families. To learn more, see us at

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