How to make your own 3D Christmas Glasses

With the Holidays fast approaching a number of people are scrambling around trying to think of ideas on what gifts to purchase. However, if you do not have the budget to buy a gift for your loved ones, why not create one? This would be a lot better as you are putting a lot of effort, time, and dedication to completing your project rather than going to the mall and buying ready-made items. In fact, why not try making your own 3D Christmas glasses? It is different and unique.

Creating your own 3D Christmas glasses is not that difficult as it seems. As long as you have the right tools and set of instructions to follow, you are ready to start. To make it look more creative you can improve its framework by adding a few designs here and there.

To get you started, follow these set instructions and start making your own 3D Christmas glasses.

1. Gather the following materials: oak tag or a sturdy poster board, scissors, clear tape, the basic pattern for glasses, sheets of red and blue acetate. These materials can be purchased in school supply stores. For the basic pattern, you can download it from the Internet.
2. Now that you have the materials ready, cut out the pattern including the eyeholes. The holes will be for your 3D lenses. This pattern will serve as your stencil when you transfer it to a more sturdy board.
3. Paste the stencil to the poster board and cut it as well as the eyeholes.
4. Cut the red and blue acetate. Make sure that its sizes are slightly bigger than the eyeholes for your 3D glasses.
5. Tape the pieces around the eyeholes. Make sure that the tape is not visible through the eyehole. Your red acetate should go to the left side and the blue acetate to the right side.

Special Instructions:

1. For your sturdy poster board you can cover it with Christmas wrapper to make it look like 3D Christmas glasses. You can add some beads or snowflakes or draw a Christmas tree around the eyeholes. This will make your glasses look fashionable and match up with the holiday season.
2. If you cannot find red and blue acetate, purchase the clear one and color it with red and blue marker.
3. You can also use old glasses as your framework for your 3D glasses instead of the poster board. Just remove the current lenses and replace them with the red and blue acetate. Then decorate the framework that fits the season.

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