How to Make Your Outdoor Lighting Fabulous

Are you searching for a way to light up your yard to enhance your security, safety, aesthetic appeal and entertaining possibilities? If so, you could likely benefit from various types of Outdoor Accent Lighting. However, before you get started, use some of the tips here to ensure your outdoor lights help to make your property appear fabulous.

Create a Path

You should lead your guests or visitors to your front door with a path of lights that are set along your walkway. For an extremely appealing look, try to select soft fixtures that eliminate any glare and that direct the majority of the light down. A tip from the pros is to avoid placing the lights in a completely straight line, which will create a type of runway effect.

Use Solar Panels

The easiest of all types of lights that you can use, are decorative landscape lights that run from solar power. These do not require any type of wiring. All you have to do is place them in a bright, sunny area and when evening arrives, they will come on to light your yard.

High Impact with Low Voltage

Using a string of low voltage lighting will provide the ideal option for brightening a shady area along your walkway. This is an easy, do-it-yourself, affordable option for illuminating your path and enhancing your flowers.

Create Drama in Your Front Yard

You can add a significant amount of drama to your front yard area when you place a spotlight on a certain specimen of tree or other focal point. When you uplight your space, it will accentuate the texture of various types of tree trunks and helps to create a nice glow on the foliage. Be sure that you do not position spotlights where they are glowing into your home, or the home of your neighbors.

Outline Your Flower Beds

Using rope lighting, which is an inexpensive option, offers a great looking uplighting look when you position it on the back of your flower beds. You can roll out the tube lighting and then pin it in place with specialty landscape stables for a hidden glow.

The bottom line is that with a little imagination you can illuminate your landscaping with the various accents lights that are available. These can enhance your property, while helping to make it safer and more secure.

Have you considered investing in Outdoor Accent Lighting for your yard? If so, visit the TouchStone website for some great ideas and helpful information.

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