How to Know When it is Time to Visit a Tranmission Shop in Burnsville, MN

Cars can sometimes be a challenge to diagnose. It is helpful to know it is time to head to the transmission shop in Burnsville, MN. Knowing what to look for can help prevent more damage. Ignoring issues that point to the transmission can result in serious problems for your vehicle. The following information can help you determine if it is time to visit your local Aamco Transmission in Burnsville, MN.

Use your eyes and your nose. In many cases you can smell the transmission fluid burning. If you smell the fluid burning, this could be because your transmission is over-heating. The fluid keeps the parts of the transmission moving as they should and it helps to cool the unit. Check your driveway and parking spots for leaks. No matter what is leaking from your vehicle, it is important to get it checked. It could very well be transmission fluid or some other needed fluid that your car is leaking. When you see the check engine light come on, have it checked out. Of course this light comes on for a number of reasons, and the transmission is just one of them, but it is worth having it checked.

Shaking is another indication that something is not right. With a manual transmission the grinding and shaking is even more noticeable. Generally when you shift from one gear to another, it is not noticeable. When something is going wrong with the transmission you will feel something is not quite right. If you begin suspecting something is not working or feeling as it should, get it checked.

It is hard to describe the sound you will hear if something is wrong with the transmission, but you will likely hear something. Every car is a bit different from every other so there is not exact sound that you should look for. However, you know your vehicle and you know when something doesn’t sound as it should. If you feel that something sounds off, or feels off with your vehicle, trust your instincts. Bring the vehicle in to get checked out before the problem gets worse.

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