How to Keep Headstones of Graves in Good Condition

After someone has passed away and has been laid to rest in the cemetery, family and loved ones will continue to visit the grave and pay their respects. The grounds crew at the cemetery can work to keep away the weeds from the graves, but they are not usually in charge of cleaning the headstones. This will generally fall to family members. However, most people have no idea just how to clean headstones for graves, or what they should be using. Fortunately, it is not too difficult.

One of the most popular materials for headstones today is granite. This is a very durable stone, and the etchings made into it can be legible for centuries. so if your loved one has a granite headstone, the following tips should help.

For the regular cleaning of the headstone, which should likely be done every couple of months – more frequently if needed – you will need to have a clean bucket, some dishwashing liquid and about four liters of water. You will also want to have two clean rags to use for washing the headstone, along with two microfiber white cloths that you can use for drying the headstone and buffing. Another tip is to bring along some Q-tips. This will allow you to clean into the engravings on the stone, such as those etched by Etched Impressions. It is an easy way to give it a thorough clean.

The first thing you will want to do is remove all of the excess debris from the stone, and then wash the stone with some soapy water. Never use vinegar, ammonia, or lemon cleaners, as they have acid in them that can actually damage the surface of the granite. Only use gentle cleansers. Rinse away the soap with some clean water and the second rag, clean within the etchings with the Q-tips, and then dry and polish the stone.

In addition to cleaning the headstones for graves, you will also want to look at the base of the headstone to make sure it is clean and properly cared for. You may also want to bring along some new flowers for the grave. If you find that you can’t make it to the site regularly to replace the flowers, or if new flowers would be a strain on the finances, consider buying some nice artificial flowers that you can use instead.

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