How to Handle an Auto Accident in Indianapolis

by | Jan 28, 2013 | Law Services

An auto accident in any state is an unfortunate circumstance. However, each state has its own set of traffic laws which must be followed by all parties using the road. To avoid being on the wrong side of the law in Indianapolis, one must first recognize their role on the road. Are you a pedestrian, bicycle operator, commercial, passenger service or private vehicle driver? The method in which an auto accident Indianapolis IN case is handled depends on this. Each participant has a set of laws they need to follow to use the road in harmony with the state’s traffic laws. For example:

Pedestrians should never contribute to an auto accident by walking on the road itself where vehicles are meant to be driven. They should keep to the sidewalks and if they need to cross, there are designated crossings whose use is regulated at intervals by either traffic lights or the traffic police. This will ensure that there is no conflict about which party, pedestrians or car/bicycle traffic, is using the road at a particular time. If a pedestrian breaks these laws, then they are liable to a penalty from the state and may even be sued for damages by a vehicle operator whose car was damaged and personal harm caused to the occupants of the car during an auto accident.

Vehicle operators must always remember to give way to pedestrians and bicycle operators when the traffic signs indicate as much. While driving on a road, there is a designated lane for bicycles which the vehicle must always avoid in traffic. The vehicle will only be allowed on the bicycle designated lane under special circumstances such as when entering or exiting a legal parking space. If overtaking, an auto accident Indianapolis IN can be avoided by remembering to maintain a distance of 3 feet between the bicycle and the vehicle at all times.

Common safety rules to be followed include those covering the use of safety equipment. Helmets and knee pads should be worn by those on bicycles and motor cycles, and seatbelts for those in cars. If an accident should occur, these are the first checks which

are done to ensure that the parties involved sufficiently protected themselves. Failure to this may again result in being charged with reckless driving and/or usage of the road. The same traffic rules also indicate how to avoid auto accident Indianapolis IN by carrying the correct weight load in terms of passengers or other items. The simplest traffic law is of course, being of legal age limit and having the correct legal paperwork to operate a vehicle.

Familiarize yourself with the traffic laws in Indianapolis by visiting the state’s metropolitan police website and by going to local driving schools for refresher courses so as to avoid an auto accident.Visit Truitt Law Offices for more details.

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