How to Get and Keep a Fabulous Lawn

To get and keep a fabulous lawn, one which is rich, green and weed free there is no one solution. Lawn care packages in Chesapeake are all inclusive; watering, mowing, proper and effective fertilizing, aeration and dethatching are all part of it. Even the best lawn will quickly deteriorate and look unkempt and shabby if it is not looked after properly.

Many people are under the impression that the secret to a great lawn is water; this is not right, lawns actually do not need more than a couple of inches of water weekly. Overwatering not only wastes water, it has the tendency to leach the nutrients from the grass roots and can create a disease in the lawn. Professionals who offer lawn care packages in Chesapeake will water the lawn all at one time rather than water it a little bit every day, this approach to watering drives the roots deeper which is one of the secrets to a beautiful lawn.

Once the grass has been watered do not water it again until the top inch or so has dried out. An easy way to determine if it is time to water again is to walk across the lawn, if your footprints remain for more than a minute or two it is time to water again.

When it comes to mowing, only cut the top third of the grass blades; if your grass is tall, the same rule applies, just cut it often until you get it to the correct height. If you mow it too short what remains will not be able to tolerate the high temperature from the sun and it is more susceptible to disease and insect infestation. Your lawn care professional knows exactly how high the grass should be based on the type; Bermuda for example should be considerably less in height than Kentucky bluegrass.

Your lawn must be fertilized, without it the lawn will be sparse, a sparse lawn invited weeds. Use a fertilizer that has been blended expressly for the type of grass you have and apply it in accordance with suggestions from lawn care experts.

Although it is time consuming and backbreaking work, dethatching and aerating is extremely important. You want to remove all the dead grass, accumulated cuttings and other debris; this is necessary for the grass roots to get plenty of fresh air and water. Aeration leaves small holes in the lawn, this allows for seeds to germinate when aeration has been completed.

Newell Lawn & Landscape have three lawn care packages in Chesapeake that have been designed to ensure that your lawn is kept green and easy to manage. Call today to discuss which package best suits your lawn care needs.

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