How to Find the Right Law Firm in Brazil

Foreign counsel is becoming important for companies in the United States as the growth of investing abroad increases at great speeds. Because the rate of investments abroad is growing so rapidly, it is essential for companies to find a reputable law firm in Brazil to represent them. A foreign lawyer who can help you seamlessly invest abroad, following all laws and regulations, is indispensable for companies. Understanding how to find the right law firm for your needs is essential to your company’s success.

Language Barrier

For many, the language barrier between the Brazil lawyer and a U.S. company is too much to handle. Having a lawyer who strictly speaks Portuguese or speaks English but not very well is difficult for the American company to get business accomplished. Finding a lawyer who speaks English fluently offers a great advantage to any company trying to do business in Brazil. If the lawyer you hire cannot speak fluent English, chances are he cannot read or write in perfect English either, making communication through e-mails and conference calls even more difficult.

A lawyer in Brazil also needs a basic understanding of the American culture. Having the ability to have a basic conversation with their American clients, as well as understanding the idioms of the American language, is important when dealing with American companies. There are several terms that mean two different things in America and Brazil; understanding those differences and explaining them is crucial for a law firm in Brazil.


Companies in the U.S. expect things to be done on time. If a lawyer promises to have documents to you by a certain time or day, you expect them. This can be difficult to find with a foreign law firm. Constant communication and reliability is important in any lawyer and client relationship. A good law firm will constantly stay in contact with their client, keeping them apprised of the situation at hand every step of the way.

Focused on the Task at Hand

When you hire a law firm in Brazil, you will want to make sure they are focused on individual cases and not treating cases as a whole. Even if there are two identical cases in front of a lawyer, they will each need to be handled differently, depending on the needs of the client. Finding a lawyer who will customize the way he handles your case to help you the most is essential to your company’s success.

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