How To Decide What Flooring To Use In Your Home

So you are building a new home? Or perhaps you are just doing some remodeling on your old home. Every home improvement project requires attention to the floors. If you are putting in a bathroom, for example, you will not want to choose such flooring as hardwood floors because of the likelihood of them getting wet. Hardwood and water do not mix.

The best way to decide what flooring to use in your home is to be practical in your thinking. After you have taking the route of being practical about your decisions you will still have a lot of decisions to make even yet because there are hundreds of types of flooring to choose from.

If you have decided to put in hardwood flooring you will be surprised and overwhelmed at just how many different types and colors of hardwood there are to choose from. When choosing hardwood flooring you will need to first decide which color you like the best and then how hard or soft you want the floors to be. If you have a light kitchen for example you will not want to put down really dark hardwood because it would be too much of a difference in color and it may clash. If you have a light kitchen with light colored cabinets you will be better off choosing a light oak color hardwood. There are such hardwoods as Brazilian Cherry that are both extremely hard and dark in color. If you have darker wood cabinets and perhaps black appliances, a dark Brazilian Cherry hardwood would look great.

Many people have a hard time knowing what type of flooring to have at their front door. They want something that is going to be functional but also pretty at the same time. A great flooring to use at your front door is a multicolored tile. Make sure that the tile is not too smooth because when it’s wet outside it can be very slippery for your guests when they walk in from the rain. You may not even want to have a shiny sealer put on your front door tile either, leaving it rugged looking is fine and can serve both you and your guests better in the long run.

Another type of flooring people have a hard time deciding on is carpet. It’s sometimes difficult to decide whether or not to put carpet in or to tear all the carpet out and put hardwoods. This is basically up to you, just remember that carpet is warm and hardwoods are cold typically. There are pros and cons to both hardwood and carpet, just be sure to make a decision that both you and your family will be happy with for a long time.

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