How to Choose the Right Reception Table in Waltham, MA

The very first thing clients see when they walk into an office is the reception center. This means that the first impression a new client has a business will be based on what this area looks like to them. Most businesses prefer their patrons view them in a positive light, so the reception room should always look modern, organized and welcoming. Paint colors, lighting and flooring are important to the look of the room, but the reception desk is where most people will initially focus their attention.

Purchasing a Reception Table in Waltham MA is one of the most important choices when designing a front room for any business. The look of the desk will often help to define the decor for the remainder of the reception area and will determine how easy it is for the reception staff to function adequately. This is why Office Gallery International encourages their clients to carefully consider what their needs and preferences are when they are selecting their reception area furniture. The size of the office, the size of the staff and what type of work is performed at the table all determine how much storage and counter space is needed.

A reception desk should offer enough counter space to allow multiple receptionists to communicate with clients. Many offices benefit from two levels of counter space. One level is designed for a seated receptionist and a higher level is available to allow customers to sign documents or receipts and complete paperwork if needed. The raised counter also provides some privacy for the working receptionist and helps to block clutter like appointment books, pens and phones.

Reception tables with rounded edges provide a more welcoming appearance for a reception table, but L-shaped tables are also functional and attractive. The color of the desk matters too. A Reception Table in Waltham MA can be nearly any color or type of wood, but dark woods are often used in more formal environments and lighter colors are more modern and upbeat. White desks are very popular today because they look fresh and coordinate with any color scheme. Obviously, there are many choices to consider and decisions to make when building or redecorating a reception room. Avoid making mistakes in this important space and get the professional advice necessary to make certain everyone gets the right first impression.

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