How to Change Air Conditioning Filters in Winter Haven FL

Your central air conditioner is your home-based indoor air regulator. This system consists of an evaporator, condenser, compressor, and other elements that can dehumidify your home and regulate the heat in your air. An air conditioner also serves to filter out unwanted particulates such as allergens, mold, debris, and dust. By choosing the right Air Conditioning Filters in Winter Haven FL for your AC system, you can enhance the overall quality of your air.

It’s advisable to change your air conditioner’s filter about once a month. You can do this more often during allergy season or if you live in an area with elevated outdoor air toxins. Before you change your air filter, you will need to locate the filter compartment. This place is usually inside the return air duct. It can also be located within the furnace or directly around it. Place your hand in front of one duct at a time. When you feel one that pulls in air, you have located the return air duct. Use a flash-light with a strong beam to view through the metal cover. The filter should be right on the other side of the cover. Look in the other possible areas when it’s not inside the return air duct.

After finding the filter compartment, remove its cover. Remove the old filter, being careful not to disturb the dust on it. For a reusable filter, take the filter outside and clean it with a water hose. A disposable filter should not be used more than once unless its relatively free of dust and debris. To purchase the right-sized filter, use the measurements on your old filter. When these are not present or not visible, measure the old filter’s height, depth, and width. These measurements should be used to buy the proper filter. Carefully replace your filter without damaging it. Replace any fasteners and insulation tape.

Understanding how to replace Air Conditioning Filters in Winter Haven FL will enable you to keep your indoor air breathable and comfortable. For more information on AC services, please talk to an expert at Springer Brothers Air Conditioning & Heating LLC. This company can handle residential and commercial air conditioning services for enhanced customer contentment.

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