How to Add Craftsman Charm to your Home’s Exterior

The classic Craftsman style home has become very popular in Alberta. If you have an older or contemporary home you can incorporate a touch of Craftsman charm to increase curb appeal. Here are some ideas to help you bring that sophisticated, cosy look to your home.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding can be used in Edmonton to help bring a Craftsman look to your home. Vinyl siding comes in a number of styles and to achieve that Craftsman feel you can consider wood grained siding as well as cedar shake configurations. Common applications of vinyl siding for Edmonton homes would be across the top section at the peak of your roof, along the sides of your home and even on the porch at the front, main area of your home. Colours that are popular for the craftsman style include deep browns, rich rusty reds and deep earthy tones in greens and boulder greys.


The arts and crafts style depends heavily on natural materials such as cedar and stone. Stonework has become a very popular and desirable exterior detail on many different styles of homes. To get the Craftsman look you can apply stonework to chimneys, pillars on porches or even on the base of your home around the foundation. It also works well for the bases of porches and extended walkways leading to the home, along the driveway and leading to the backyard.

Exposed Rafters

An excellent and affordable way to add some Craftsman charm is to apply “fake” exposed rafters. These are commonly seen coming out of roof peaks as well as porch roofs. This look is very charming especially when painted white. You can also use other colours to complement your home from the classic Craftsman nature inspired palette.

Wooden Doors and Cast Iron

Classic arts and crafts wooden doors include features such as multi-paned windows, woodwork below the window mimicking exposed rafters and three panels in a raised design. This style of door should be combined with cast iron accessories such as door handles, door knockers, mail slots and mail boxes that work very well to introduce craftsman details. You can also look at using cast iron for garage door handles as well as street numbers.

The use of vinyl siding on Edmonton homes is becoming more common by contractors and builders. Details such as Craftsman style doors, stone, cast iron and natural materials such as cedar can increase the curb appeal of your home providing interesting, charming arts and crafts details.

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