How Little Rock Property Managers Can Stay Safe

While being a property manager may not seem like a life threatening job, there are dangers just like there are in any other profession.   Angry tenants, unruly visitors, or even criminals on the prowl are all people who property managers must deal with from time to time.  While the job is relatively safe in most instances, there are a few precautionary measures that property management companies in Little Rock should implement.

Taking Appropriate Safety Measures

Since property managers work alone most of the time, it is imperative they do what they can to remain safe.  They should never show a rental property without first having the contact details of the person who is viewing the property.  The contact details should be given to someone other than the property manager so that the manager will have that added peace of mind in knowing the property viewer most likely will not harm them if they know their contact information has been documented.

Screen Potential Tenants before Showing Properties

The whole idea of background checks is to determine what kind of person you are dealing with.  Property managers should run a criminal background check before they show anyone properties.  This will prevent them from getting involved with a person who may have bad intentions.  Polices vary from one management company to the next, but a criminal screening should be required at the very least before a property manager is alone with anyone.

Develop Company Safety Policies

Real estate asset managers should never keep large amounts of cash on the premises, for their own safety and welfare.  Keeping cash would be asking for trouble, especially in large cities where crime is prevalent.  Property managers need to be aware of their surroundings at all times when they manage properties on a large scale, and they should never deal with tenants or potential tenants afterhours, unless another company representative is present as well.  It is best to work on the buddy system if special arrangements for meetings need to be made after the office has closed.  While most tenants are good people, it is still better to be safe rather than sorry.  Common sense is a must in this business.  As long as property managers are aware of the risks, then they should not run into any problems.  All property management companies should craft a safety policy to keep their employees safe at all times.

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