How Does the Dentist in Attleboro, MA Treat Cavities?

When a cavity strikes one of your teeth, it does not show immediate signs. Typically called inclusions, a new cavity simply begins to erode at the enamel of your teeth, causing damage to the outer service. It is not until the cavity progresses deep into the tooth that you notice symptoms. This is why it is imperative to have regular dental screenings. Through these screenings, the dentist can catch cavities and repair them before they progress, causing problematic symptoms and permanent damage. Through the Dentist in Attleboro, MA, you can receive treatment for your cavities so you do not experience tooth loss.

Common Treatments for Cavities

When you are found to have a cavity, there are different treatment options the dentist in Attleboro may employ to care for the issue. Depending on the type of cavity you have and the degree of damage found in your tooth, the dentist will make the decision on which treatment option will best benefit the health of your smile.

* Fillings — Perhaps one of the most common methods of treating cavities is through a filling. Years ago, there was only one type of filling and it contained mercury. Today’s fillings are made from safer materials, like porcelain, resin compounds and metal alloys. These fillings replace the diseased portion of your tooth and seal it so there is no further damage or pain. Most fillings can last for years, but may need repair as they become worn.

* Root canals — Sometimes, the cavity is so deep within the tooth structure it must be cleaned out through a root canal. Through this procedure, the diseased inner portions of the tooth, including the nerve, are removed. This stops the progression of damage and remedies the pain.

* Crowns — In the event the cavity has caused severe damage to the tooth, it can be difficult to fill. When the tooth is no longer stable, the dentist may recommend a crown is placed over the tooth. The crown completely covers the visible portion of the tooth, protecting it from further damage and decay.

If you believe you may have a cavity or you need dental care, contact atwill conroy dental associates and make an appointment. They offer a wide array of dental services, to keep your smile healthy and looking beautiful.

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