How Can A Printing Shop In Fullerton Contribute To Small Business’s Marketing?

No small business can afford to ignore digital media in their marketing plan. A website, Facebook site, Twitter account, and YouTube account are all important ways of connecting with customers. However, a small business should not ignore the valuable role that printed materials can have in marketing their brand. The following are some of the ways that a Printing shop in Fullerton can contribute to the success of a small, local business.

First of all, companies need to supply their employees with high-quality business cards. A card is small but significant piece of communication. Because they fit easily in a wallet, people tend to keep them even after they have saved the number in a phone. Magnetized business cards can live on a refrigerator, always waiting to be of use. Thick, glossy paper and a classy but memorable design can also help your card stand out.

Another type of card to consider is a customer loyalty card. These are often in the form of punch cards that reward a customer for their business. Restaurants and coffee shops often give away a free drink or meal, while retailers may reward customers with a 10% or higher discount when their cards are complete. Loyalty cards really do help to build loyalty in customers.

Full color posters and store signage are another valuable use of printing services. Posters can be used to advertise new products or specials, while signs communicate with customers about anything the business considers to be in the customers’ interest. Sign messages should be simple, clear, and quick and easy to read. They should also communicate positive messages only.

Brochures still play an important role in marketing. If they are well-designed and well-written, customers are likely to keep them and refer to them when they want the information. A brochure can also contribute to a face-to-face conversation. When a company representative can hand a customer a brochure, they can look at it together more easily than they could crowd their heads together to see the same information on a mobile phone screen.

Letterhead stationery, postcards, and promotional items bearing the company logo are a few more examples of how a small business can benefit from the services of a Printing shop in Fullerton. Click Here to learn more about high-quality printed business materials.

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