How an Emergency Dentist in Barrington Can Help You With Dental Implants

Many have not been able to keep their teeth. This may be due to several factors like decay, periodontal disease, tooth wear or congenital deficiency. If you have no natural teeth left, or the balance is not maintained, it is necessary to go with Dental Implants or a complete set of dentures. It replaces all the teeth in your jaw. Seeing an Emergency Dentist in Barrington may be the answer to all your problems.

Is it easy to have a complete prosthesis?

Most people learn quite quickly using a complete prosthesis. But, there may be difficulties – especially when it comes to the lower jaw. In the upper jaw, prosthesis can usually be prepared so that it sticks to the palate. In the lower jaw, prosthesis is rather loose-fitting on the gum. Under the mouth, the dentist may produce the prosthesis so the cheeks and tongue helps to keep it in place. Yet, it can be hard to get used to the prosthesis, especially if you have very little gums.

Do you need to go toothless for a period?

There is no need to go toothless for several months after tooth extraction. The Emergency Dentist At Cherry Hill Family Dental in Barrington can put the prosthesis in immediately after the teeth are pulled out. Such a prosthesis is called an immediate prosthesis. At the same time, it protects the open wound and it offers less discomfort after tooth extraction.

The prosthesis is subject to adjustment. The changes happen very rapidly in the months after the teeth are pulled out. The cost of this adjustment is not usually included in the price of the prosthesis. When the gum disappears, the prosthesis should fit normally and will no longer need to be adjusted. If the prosthesis ever becomes mobile again, adjustments will be needed.

Are regular checkups at the dentist necessary?

Yes! This applies whether you have a partial or complete prosthesis. A denture can overload the gum and eventually cause it to shrink. Therefore, a need for the prosthesis to be regularly inspected and adjusted is always there. Maintenance of a prosthesis is important. The Emergency Dentist in Barrington can also detect tooth decay, gum disease, fungus or other more serious diseases of the mouth. Make an appointement to know our dental services

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