How a Wrongful Death Attorney in Mobile, AL Builds a Case

In Alabama, the expression wrongful death identifies a fatality that could have been avoided. In these cases, the plaintiff must show what action or act of negligence leads to the death. They must connect the defendant to the action or negligent and prove that they are at fault. A wrongful death attorney in Mobile, AL begins to build these cases based on how the event happened in the first place.

Why a Forensic Pathologist Is Needed

A forensic pathologist conducts tests and assessments of the body. They’ll perform an autopsy and determine the exact cause of the victim’s death. Once the cause of death is determined, the pathologist defines how the injuries were produced.

They will also extract all DNA and biological evidence from the victim’s body. This evidence could link the victim to the defendant if the cause of death occurred during a crime. This evidence also defines the defendant’s role in the victim’s death.

Recreating the Event that Lead to the Fatality

Forensic investigations of the event allow them to reproduce the sequence that lead to the injuries. This assessment allows the victim’s attorney to recreate this event and show how their injuries were produced. This pinpoints the exact action that cause the fatality. It could also show alternative actions that could have prevented the death. The point of the wrongful death case is to show that the death was avoidable completely. It shows the choices made by the defendant caused the victim to die.

Calculating the Award

Wrongful death awards include funeral and medical expenses for the victim. Any beneficiaries that depended on the victim for financial support are considered. The value of support that would’ve been available to these beneficiaries if the victim lived is calculated. Beneficiaries requiring support would include a spouse, children, or stepchildren primarily.

In the state of Alabama, wrongful death is defined as a fatality that would’ve been prevented. The sequence of actions that lead up to the fatal injuries determines who is accountable. Beneficiaries of these victims should contact a wrongful death attorney in Mobile, AL or visit the website to start a claim today.

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