Housing for Rent in Topeka: You Might Be Able to Rent-to-own

If you are interested in owning your own home, but don’t have the financing or ability to get a loan now, it can be extremely difficult. Rent-to-own housing for rent in Topeka is becoming more popular, because it solves many problems for both the seller and the buyer. If the person that rents the home wants to stop renting for whatever reason, they need someone who can buy the house.

There are two different options when considering purchasing a home through a lease. With the lease purchase, you are renting the property until you have rented long enough to cover the purchase price. This is the option most people think of when considering the rent-to-own theory. However, there is also something called lease option. This means that you lease the house (generally for a year or two) with the option to buy the house after the lease is up. If you are moving upwards in your career and are sure you will have the money in two years, then this is a great option. The money you pay for rent is taken off of the purchase price; at the end of your lease, you will pay the difference and own the home.

In most cases, your credit score isn’t as important with these options, but it is still important. If you have poor credit, you might not be chosen as the renter so you won’t have an option to rent-to-own. However, if you are up front to the property owner, they might consider you for their housing to rent in Topeka if you are certain you can clear up your credit problems within a few years.


The buyer of the house has many advantages in the rent-to-own option. You can ultimately keep the price of your home the same throughout the lease. You will also be able to check out the school system and neighborhood. You will also have time to save up enough money for the down payment.

The seller also has some advantages. As the seller, you will know that the person you choose to live in the home will take good care of it; it will be theirs sooner or later. You can also charge enough rent so that it covers most or all of the mortgage payment.

Consider housing for rent in Topeka and also learn about rent-to-own houses. No matter your needs, RMS Professional Property Management can help you with your renting needs.

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