House Need More Curb Appeal? Hire a Siding and Roofing Contractor in Lancaster

People spend a lot of time fixing up a home when they first move in. Then other priorities take up the family budget and the years go by. One day the family is driving up to their house and they realize that it needs a facelift. The roof is a great place to start. Not only will a new roof add immediate value to the house, it will lower monthly heating and cooling costs. If the homeowners have seen a dramatic increase in their energy bills that really can’t be explained by a change in usage, then they might need new windows as well. Their are energy audit companies that can tell them where their house is losing heat. Armed with that information they can contact a Roofing Lancaster contractor for an estimate.

If homeowners contact several contractors including Beiler Brothers Roofing and Siding company, they need to make sure that they are comparing equal bids. If one company comes in lower. they may not include the charges for tearing off the original shingles. They might consider laying down a moisture barrier an added cost that the homeowner will hear about later. After the job is complete, picking up all of the construction debris and removing it, might be an additional charge.

Modern contractors have a variety of ways to help a homeowner visualize how shingles will look on their home. Roofing Lancaster contractors can take a picture of the house and use a computer program to place a variety of shingles on the roof. Houses with vinyl siding won’t change in color, so the shingles have to match. Roofs are expensive undertakings, so it’s important the homeowners love the result. With any luck they’ll be looking at the results for 20 years. Not only is the color important but there are many different styles and materials that also have to be considered.

It’s unrealistic for any homeowner to think that they will install a roof and have it last for 20 years without any upkeep and maintenance. At least once a year, preferably after the winter season, a professional roofer should inspect the roof looking for signs of wear, loose or missing shingles, and ripped seams in the gutter. Fixing these issues when they’re small will add years to the life of a roof. Click here for more information.

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