Honc Docks & Lifts Has Your Boat Storage Needs

Owning a boat is one of the great pleasures in life. Whether speeding across the waves or slow trolling with family and friends, there are few things more fun. And sometimes, there are few things more expensive. When you make an investment in a boat, you want to take care of that investment. You want to protect it from the elements, and make sure it is ready to go whenever you find the free time to enjoy it. So you also need to check out Honc Docks & Lifts for all your boat storage needs.

Building or repairing a boathouse in Fort Myers FL, can be costly, especially if you do not get someone who can do it right the first time. Our company has years of experience, highly trained professionals, and the right equipment to make your boathouse installation go super smoothly.

We have everything else you are going to need as well. Boat lifts are one of our specialties, and very important if you want to keep your boat in the best shape. They get it out of the water, increasing the lifetime of all your equipment and help prevent damage from rough weather. Some wharves even require them.

We also specialize in canopies to provide shelter from both sun and rain. You can take a look at some of our excellent canopies for boathouses in Fort Myers FL, on our website. Honc Docks & Lifts will take a look at your current spot and see if one of our convenient canopies is best for you.

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