Homeowners Want Walk-in Tubs in Oceanside, CA

Older homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more elder-friendly. They want to remain in their beloved homes longer. One way to do this is to make bathrooms safer for seniors with limited mobility. Installing Walk-in Tubs in Oceanside CA is one way to make the bathing experience safer. Local contractors such as Guedes Construction Inc. offer many home upgrades aimed at making homes more elder-friendly. They also offer changes to make homes handicap accessible. They will remodel the entire home or just one room. Rooms can be added, kitchens updated, and bathrooms remodeled.

Why Remodel Rather Than Move?

A good contractor can take that home in the perfect neighborhood and remodel it to be the family dream home. There is no need to move across town or into a neighborhood full of strangers. A family can write a wish list of changes they feel would improve their home and then contact a local contractor with proper licensing and good customer ratings. This contractor can give them a realistic picture of what can be done to their home and how much these changes will cost.

Contractors with experience in home additions and renovations can tour a home with the owner and make suggestions for changes that make the most difference. The changes that will increase the home’s value the most should get top priority. Changes that will make the most improvement for the family members must be considered. Some changes will not be practical, and others are not possible without altering the structure of the home.

Remodeling a home, including adding Walk-in Tubs in Oceanside CA, and other senior-friendly options will allow an older person to remain in the home they love. A small home on a large lot can benefit from the addition of a room or two to make more space for a growing family. A ramp can allow a person with diminishing mobility to access their home. A bedroom on the main floor can save a senior citizen from climbing steps to get to their sleeping accommodations.

The Cost vs Value Debate

As new home costs escalate and senior living accommodations cost skyrocket, sheltering in place is becoming more popular. Some seniors even team up and share a home to cut living costs and fight loneliness. A remodeled home’s value often exceeds the cost of renovations by a considerable amount. Visit us at the website for more remodeling information.

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