Hiring a Chicago Social Security Lawyer

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Social Security is a government program that provides a financial supplement to retired and disabled people, and the system works by deducting a portion of a worker’s income each week. Once the worker retires, the government makes a payment each month, and the size of the payment depends on how much was paid into the system. Laws surrounding Social Security are complex, and they change almost every year. Don’t plead your case alone–hire a lawyer for legal help and advice.

Social Security and Retirement

For most Americans, Social Security is a major portion of retirement planning. SS benefits are intended to supplement retirees’ income, in addition to private pensions from employers. People are eligible for benefits at age 62, and the amount received depends on several factors. The longer a worker waits to retire, the larger their monthly payment will be, and workers can file for benefits up until the age of 70.

Legal Issues Surrounding Retirement and Social Security

With changes in the law, there are certain legal issues that sometimes arise with retirement and the collection of Social Security benefits. These issues include, but are not limited to:

*   Discrepancies between tax records and work information (such as differences in reported income)
*  Confusion as to the retired worker’s identity (especially where family members share the same name)
*  Employers who erroneously withhold retirement benefits or information

In some cases, a retiree is required to supply additional proof to the Social Security Administration to document their eligibility for Social Security and retirement benefits. If the worker is in a dispute with their employer, they may have to hire a Social Security lawyer to contest the issue in court.

I’m Having Issues with Retirement and Social Security. Do I Need a Lawyer?

In many cases, people plan their retirement years around the income they will receive from Social Security. If you need help in planning for retirement or in appealing a Social Security denial, you should hire a Chicago Social Security lawyer. Social Security attorneys can help you get all the benefits for which you are eligible, and they can represent you in court should the need arise. Go to rabinsslaw.com for more information.

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