Help for Fathers from a Child Support Lawyer Dallas Is Known For

An organization such as Lee Law Firm Dallas also represents fathers who were never married but do have a child. In some cases, the father and mother had a romantic relationship for a lengthy time frame or lived together. In other cases, the relationship was a shorter, more casual one. The father has always been more than willing to pay his fair share, whether or not he actually has an ongoing relationship with the youngster. However, he likely cannot afford to continue paying an amount that he was assigned when he was earning a substantially higher income.

Child support is not automatically changed when the father’s income changes. The modification must be ordered by a judge. Having skilled legal representation is essential when the father wants the support amount reduced because the judge is not required to make this modification. If the modification is not made, the state can garnish the father’s wages, intercept tax refunds, issue fines, suspend the individual’s driver’s license or issue a jail sentence for contempt of a court order.

Fathers who are facing having to pay inordinate amounts of child support can benefit from hiring a professional Child Support Lawyer Dallas is known for. For example, a divorced father may have lost a high-paying job and accepted one that pays less. The court may have demanded that he continue paying his original child support rate nevertheless, even if that amount now takes half of his income. An experienced attorney can represent this individual in court and work to make sure the child support is changed to a more reasonable payment.

The Child Support Lawyer Dallas has available to represent fathers knows the types of documentation their clients need to present to a judge. These documents may include tax forms, pay stubs and receipts that verify tax deductions. An individual who has started his own business, for example, may appear to have a certain income until deductions are factored in. If the father has been paying for the child’s health insurance, that amount also should be deducted from his gross income to calculate the appropriate amount of support he should pay. Browse website for more details.

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